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Company Profile | Services

Company Profile | Services

Finaegis DMCC was established in 2018 by Olga Korzenikova, who is behind every professional services advisory assignment and successful implementation.


Technology evolves quickly and many businesses are unable to keep up with technological breakthroughs. Intelligent automation is transforming the way workers interact with and benefit from technology. It is also helping organizations create new personalized products and services, improve operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.


Olga Korzenikova’s agile information technology change management practices background, is instrumental for sectors that require enhanced agility for an immediate adjustment to change, insights for targeted workforce planning, and strategies for building and maintaining a skilled workforce.

We are seeing a business-critical convergence of technology and data in the workplace.


When it comes to human resources development of knowledge workers, Olga Korzenikova, as an Educational Manager, shares her extensive experience in development programs and performance evaluations across multiple teaching teams, and applies her focus on future skilling strategies across HR organizational boundaries throughout the entire employee lifecycle – from recruiting, to team formation, learning, career coaching, compensation, and retention, as well as on people development through personalized learning, adaptive content delivery for learning and growth on the job, as well as professional coaching and mentorship programs for implementing upskilling initiatives to close skill gaps.


Finaegis DMCC, is offering an innovative model -leveraging new and emerging educational programs/platforms to enhance employee skills- that removes a lot of the friction in the education and training space, and enhances the overall value proposition of leveraging employee engagement surveys, successful change management initiatives, and customizable tech-enabled solutions to provide a more engaging and productive work environment.


Finaegis DMCC, focuses on the provision of managerial and financial professional services advisory. Acting as a trusted business partner, is delivering growth enhancing, strategic and operational support solutions, underpinned by new business models and practices that value human assets as they are considered the lifeblood of the organisation. It helps organizations make the best use of our resources and operations, and to successfully manage transformation, as to improve performance.


Fineagis DMCC provides a comprehensive Strategic and Operational Planning service that starts with the setting up of the client’s business, including a Strategic Review and Business Health Check to identify areas for improvement.


We help stakeholders and executives with strategic leadership and financial management transformational insights in evaluating their assets and business performance.


We use tested methodologies, concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of projects such as a business transformation, an IT systems initiative, a regulatory compliance or other business challenges. Our consultancy services include visioning and structuring, effective business case development for change readiness, project initiation, benefits and change impact mapping.


Our solutions are catering from primary to more complex management issues, such as identifying performance gaps, root cause analysis and effective development to tangible solutions that positively impact business profitability.


Our Business Process Optimization Services, incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as an integrated system to handle all core business processes. We also help implement a multifunctional shared service business process outsourcing (BPO) operation.


Our Results-based management (RBM) approach integrates strategic and operational planning, performance measurement, risk management and cost management.


Our Digital Disruption through business transformation services are creating value by seeing what’s next.


Our Change Management, Transition and Transformation services, cater for clients seeking to redefine their strategies or improve their existing operations by implementing more innovative tools and encouraging their workforces to embrace change.


An array of innovative tools, resources, and proactive activities focused on people, processes, structures, and culture, are key to achieving your business strategy and unleashing your business potential.


At Finaegis DMCC, our practitioners focus on enabling transformations through organizational and personnel solutions, powered by analytics and insights on new organizational design, culture, and behaviour, as well as the right leadership and talent, to drive sustainable change.


Our Financial Risk Management services, provide support to business strategy execution and operational performance improvement via cost control techniques and operational change management practices.


We combine leading thinking on ERM strategies to support our clients in developing and embedding value adding, and practical risk and control Identification frameworks.


We use risk concepts in advising on risk identification, monitoring and reporting, to help clients decide on new projects, initiatives and priorities. We also help design and implement IT Security Risk Management solutions.


We work with organizations to successfully transform sourcing and procurement – understand spend categories and identify strategies to reduce costs and risks. We help clients implement a risk management plan, assign responsibilities and create mitigation frameworks for these risks.


We work with clients to select, configure and implement software solutions to optimize their value chain – like sourcing tools, procure-to-pay solutions, and contract management.


Finally, we provide frontline leaders with the training, and tools required to move procurement to a higher level of performance while keeping the group aligned to the strategic and operating objectives of your business.