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Our Solutions

Management Consultancy

Our consulting approach serves a wide range of organisations that seek to make the best use of our resources and operations. Many of our clients request professional advice on how to best operate their business units -without having first finalised their organisational structure that will support those operations. Others don’t do workforce planning at all. Fineagis DMCC provides a comprehensive service that starts with the setting up of the client’s business; we help stakeholders and executives redefine their corporate values before they evaluate their workforce, their assets and their business performance.

We strongly believe that operating excellence derives from the people who run the business and not from the departments and technologies. That’s why our advisory includes all the necessary stages that every business should acquire, from the formation phase to the business’ launch in the market. Our seamless services package helps business owners to cover from primary to more complex management issues, such as identifying performance gaps, root cause analysis and effective development to tangible solutions that positively impact business profitability.

Change Management

This is one of the trickiest problems businesses face today with the ever-shifting marketing conditions and increasing customer demands imposing huge changes in their strategies and operations. Today, organisations have to adapt to change or die. They must continuously re-evaluate their existing business model and assess the correctness of their strategies and business tactics they apply to meet KPIs. Our experienced team specialises in Change Management consultancy because change is the most challenging factor in the workplace affecting business performance from top down to bottom up. The majority of our clients deal with issues related to managerial changes such as new vision direction, new organisational goals or constantly changing success metrics. Because every change is different in nature and size for every business we have tailored our service to the types of change management in order to achieve greater results and to meet our customers’ bests interests.


Our change management process includes simple steps for senior leaders and executives to follow through. One of the most challenging tasks we can tackle is to identify areas for improvement regarding a process, a product/service or a financial outcome, especially when the business goals are not clearly predefined or agreed with the relevant people and teams. This is a large communication gap that business owners or managers have to overcome as well as the majority of businesses resistant to change. Our consultants are people-oriented, meaning we deeply understand the rational and emotional status of your workforce before and after introducing a change.

Change Roadmap

After presenting a solid business proposition to your stakeholders, we provide an extensive roadmap for sponsoring and enabling changes to your staff, the operations that will need to change and any amendments in your managerial procedures. We provide plans that are time-patient, easy to comprehend and to be communicated to the people involved. We don’t announce or present change abruptly and without engaging the teams or the departments affected by the change.

There are psychological and social implications that follow a change implementation. By providing a clear and open communication channel we are able to promote the change value to the beneficiaries much easier. Our methods are transparent, while we suggest effective intranet and other types of communication software that can effectively engage the entire organisation enhancing real-time updates and organisational changes.

Our change roadmap identifies the beginning, the best routes to be taken and the expected results when the destination is reached. For example, a well-planned and manageable change in the HR hiring process will dramatically reduce the additional operating HR costs and help HR managers focus on smart talent acquisition techniques. We supply our clients with a variety of change management tools such as product or service roadmaps, operational readiness tools, training tutorials, stakeholder feedback management and monthly performance reviews.

As part of our planning approach, we assist our customers in finding the best suppliers and technology enablers. Alternatively, we can fund their development projects to ensure long-term change sustainability. However, the most important aspect of our strategy is to invest in the training and support of the teams affected by the change. Because every individual and team are different with various expectations we customise the training course according to their specific learning needs. We provide extra resources and we redesign priorities, where it is necessary to guarantee that change is experienced as a natural process for improvement and growth and not as an imposition to fix an issue.

When change management plans are implemented, we don’t rest. We monitor on a frequent basis the development progress and the actual results of the change to the business. To ensure accurate metrics we help your managers to predefine the specs of the desired key performance indicators (KPIs) that will lead to the desired outcomes after the change. This is an ongoing process according to customer reporting needs and through our easy-to-read dashboards, we enable effective decision-making across multiple leadership levels.


We offer three types of change management depending on the client case.

Developmental change management

Developmental change has to do with business process improvements such as recruitment, payroll processing, marketing operations, reporting, etc. We initially help your personnel to get accustomed to the suggested enhancements and comprehend the benefit of change and train them to apply new procedures. Our philosophy is to help people to work smarter and assist the business in operating more effectively. We have also assigned digital change managers to research state-of-the-art technology to identify and implement quicker, more innovative strategies to penetrate the market and allow companies to stay ahead of the competition. By 2020, investors will view the digital businesses differently, with specific measures based on Platform Participation, Data Value, and Customer Engagement Accounting for over 75% of Enterprise Valuations.

Transitional change management

Transitional change is more challenging, as it suggests the replacement of existing procedures such as organisational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, new business model or product development, etc. In this case, we apply more people-oriented techniques to ensure minimum resistance by implementing clear communication plans for your staff and reinforcing the feeling of job security. We can take on the internal communications of your business via effective engagement platforms where people can view real-time organisational updates and their results to the business. We also prepare and apply personalised training modules and assist them on the job. Our successful formula in transitional change management is based on the fact that we inspire employees to be open to change from the start and we are clear enough to explain them the ways they contribute to company’s growth through the new improvements.

Transformational change management

Transformational changes are those that reform the overall business strategy, and as a result, they create a culture shift in an organisation. That sort of changes is owed to unexpected industry market developments or law enforcement. Transformational changes are experienced as a threat to the workplace and they require a well-planned change management strategy in order to restore the feeling of security in the entire business. In this scenario, we help stakeholders and strategists to reform their vision, mission and corporate values and support them in working better under the new circumstances. We review the overall value proposition and redefine the customer groups, so as to make their offering more attractive and gain a greater market share than their competitors. Our relationship network of professionals includes marketing strategists, research and development teams, and operational executives who can mentor the company on more efficient ways to adopt change and make their workforce embrace changes as a new growth opportunity. Transformational changes usually require both developmental and transitional change practices, since this is a complete upgrade for the business. Apart from the necessary communication plans, we ensure that the overall workforce is involved in the change management process.

Cost Control & Risk management

Our management consultancy offering wouldn’t be comprehensive without the provision of the financial efficiency of your business. We strongly believe that an organisation is healthy when its financial assets are taken care of and secured for the long-term. Our financial advisors assist with complete audits in order to assess the current status and propose the best methods to achieve maximum savings or mitigate additional costs. Most of our clients deal with operational expenses and indirect costs that are unlikely to be predicted in their annual reports. We offer accurate tracking systems to monitor direct and indirect costs real time and we produce customised reports according to the financial functionality. Those reports help them realise the true cost-generating activities and we advise them on effective ways to minimise these activities by setting reasonable savings targets.

We also protect many of our customers looking to secure their assets and profit against unfavourable changes in their credit condition. Our risk financial management proposal helps our clients secure their financial status by backing up a constant inflow from external or internal company funding and savings generated from other business activities. We can also train the financial teams to better define risks and implement strategies to mitigate, via rigid cost control techniques and operational change management practices.

Sourcing and Procurement Consultancy

We consider Sourcing and Procurement as another critical part of any business, as its smooth operations have a huge impact on the company’s performance. It is estimated that the procurement costs account for half of the overall annual expenditure of the entire business. That’s why we believe that by ensuring maximum savings in this area we can help organisations to reinvest to other business activities, more revenue-generating such as marketing and sales.

We offer end-to-end solutions that can address all aspects of sourcing and procurement for various types of consultancy such as hiring new talent, organisation development, technology upgrade and operational readiness. Sourcing and Procurement is a vital part of our change management speciality since it all starts with a good strategy in place. Our professionals are devoted to offering you invaluable insights and advisory from the strategy definition all the way to the business transformation. We also conduct remote sourcing analysis (RSAs) for businesses that operate virtual offices or require multiple remote sites for educational or sales activities. Our procurement back office package includes demand and supply management services, vendor relationship management office (VMO), vendor assessment and performance analysis, cost analysis and contractual management for external suppliers. Finally, our consultants can have a look at your existing policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement in order to ensure that all operational change sticks to quality standards, while they remain easy and friendly for your staff.